Backpacker Routes Worldwide – An Overview

If you are wondering how to start as a backpacker, don’t worry because we are here to help in every way possible. We can help from getting you started to making sure your journey ends up as a wonderful experience. One method we do this is by presenting you with some of the different routes that can enable you to travel across the world passing across the most relevant tourist sites.

Though some backpackers making longer trips usually prefer to travel by land to minimise cost, they are forced to take a flight to move across some areas due to geographical barriers making it impossible to travel by land across such areas. Such example is the barrier created by the Sahara desert in northern Africa. Below are some continental backpacker routes:


Moving through Asia will require you to plan well ahead for the journey. The best means of moving through Asia for your first time will be by going to Thailand for an experience of the Koh Phi Phi, then through Cambodia to see the Angkor Wat, then Vietnam for a visit of the Ha Long Bay and through to India to have a proper feel of Asia. These routes are often considered as the great backpacker journeys of Asia because of the number of people who make journeys through these routes. These routes have attracted a high number of travellers because they have hybrid infrastructures designed to meet the needs of backpackers.

An excellent backpacker route that can be covered with a private bus is the route from Auckland to Wellington in the South Pacific. Using his route, you will move across tourist destinations such as Reglan, Maori Village, Lake Taupo, and surround national parks before getting to Wellington. Some of the things you will come across while travelling across this route include; maritime museum, sea kayaking, surf lessons and others.


One great routes is to start from Paris in France, moving through beautiful beaches to Italy with the delicious pizzas, amazing museums and monuments. You can also move from Vienna which is the seat of all European culture through Hungary into the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland. There exist a route from the Bavaria that has a fairy-tale castle, into Berlin the capital of Germany followed by Amsterdam and finally to the peaceful Belgium.


Africa is usually seen as one of the most adventurous places to do backpacking. This is because it is the only continent where you can do things like wine tasting, bungee jumping and trekking in jungles with mountain gorillas in a single trip. Popular routes here are the Garden Route in South Africa and the road from Cape Town to Addis Ababa. You can also start your trip from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania where you can see life tortoise, beautiful beaches and you can take a bus to the foot of Kilimanjaro. You can now ride a bus to Nairobi in Kenya from where you can easily move to Uganda and end your journey in Rwanda.


North America is an amazing continent for backpackers. The continent has a set of welcoming individuals and is known for its wonderful infrastructure. Visiting this continent exposes you to a great number of entertaining activities and the environment. This amazing and friendly continent can only be enjoyed if the backpacker knows the right routes to use that will expose them to all these amenities. Take a plane to Newark, and you can then have easy access to visit amazing cities like Washington, Chicago, Memphis, Las Vegas and lots of others just by route.


There are lovely and exciting things to experience in South America. You can move from San Jose to Playa del Carmen by using either boat, bus or ferry. On your way you can get to experience group salsa dancing, guided walk to Tikal, visit the El Impossible National Park, Chocon-Machacas Natural Reserve and lots of other interesting experiences. The route from Lima to Rio de Janeiro will take you through a great number of amazing cities using a train, bus or ferry.