Do all Hostels have Common Areas for TV, games and such?

Most of our hostels have a common area, and it is usually a mix of TV, Games, Lounge, etc. Check each hostel for specific details on what the hostel offer

Do the hostel arrange sightseeing/tours/nights out?

Sometimes, and depending on the season, and location. Check each hostel description for specifics. If the hostel doesn´t arrange these events, the hostel staff can usually recommend good alternatives.

Are there lockers in the dorms?

Usually there are lockers, and normally you would need your own padlock. Check each hostel for specifics.

Do I need an ID or a Passport to check-in?

Yes, valid identification is a requirement on check in. We accept a Passport, Photo ID and / or Driver’s License. Management may request additional information as required from guests. We work hard to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests and reserve the right to refuse accommodation at our discretion.

Do the Hostels have a curfew?

No, there is no curfew at any of our hostels. You have access to the hostel 24 hours a day. Check each hostel for the opening hours of the reception.

What type of Dorms do you have?

We have male, female and mixed Dorms in our Hostels.

Do any of the Hostel Rooms have a Bathroom?

Usually no, but some hostels have bathrooms in some of their rooms, especially in their private rooms, check each hostel description for details.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation policies differs depending on how you book your stay, so to start with, you need to check your booking details. If you can´t find out the details, just contact the hostel directly.

For individual reservations the normal cancellation policy is 24 hours, but this can be different depending on the season and city. During high season and in popular cities the cancellation time is usually longer.

For groups there are special cancellation policies, check your booking, or contact the hostel directly.

If you are about to book a hostel, please check the hostel description for cancellation details.

Are there any fees when I book on this website?

Absolutely not. You book directly with each hostel.

Can I pay with Visa, Electron, Mastercard, Paypal, etc?

You can normally pay with cash or a card, and sometimes with online payment methods such as Paypal, check the specifics of each hostel so that you can plan on how to pay when you arrive to the hostel.

Can you help me book a stay in another MAX Hostel?

Yes of course. You can do it either contacting the hostel directly, asking the staff in the hostel you are staying in right now, or book directly on this site.

Is there Wi-Fi in all hostels, and is it Free?

Yes, all hostels have Wi-Fi, and it is Free. All hostels try and deliver a high internet speed, but due to location restraints, some hostels might have limited bandwidth, please check each hostel description for specifics.

Can I cook food in the Hostel?

Most hostels have some type of kitchen. Check each hostel description for specifics.