MAX Hostels are always looking for premises to rent so that we can create another great hostel to help with our expansion. We are looking to create quality hostels in the right locations, and at a price which means we can offer our guests the best service.

If you think you have a building or space we may be interested in, then please do get in touch. We are looking to rent places which can meet the following:

  • Size: Ideally the size we are looking at should be bigger than 1.000 square meters or 10.000 square feet, up to 4.000 square meters or 40,000 square feet. We like our guests to have a nice, airy space to stay in, so lots of windows and natural light are a bonus.

  • Location: Our hostels are usually situated in or near the major tourist areas, with convenient location for buses, trains, subways, etc. We want our guests to be able to relax as soon as possible after they’ve completed a long journey. Near the central train station is always a preferred location.

  • Entrance: We prefer spaces with the entrance on the street, as this is not only more convenient, but it lets us create a more welcoming atmosphere and it means we can make it easier for people to find us. However, for a great location we can make an exception.

  • Type of building: An old building with charm or a real quirky space is a bonus, but as long as the building is well cared for structurally, we may be interested.

  • Renovation works: We have our own interior design, and we will remodel the space ourselves to our own high standard.

Max Hostels is committed to creating an excellent experience and providing the best customer service. We want to create modern hostels with excellent interior design, a well developed niche, a strong brand, great marketing and a strong customer base. We believe this gives us the best opportunity of being able to commit to a long-term lease and want to work with landlords who want to help us do this. We’d love you to be part of the MAX Hostels team.

If you have a space you think we might be interested in, then please get in touch with MAX Hostels by completing this form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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