Start your own Hostel from your own Villa or Apartment: Earn Money in a few Weeks

Here at MAX Hostels we have started many profitable hostels and helped many others to set up profitable hostels all over the world.

You don’t need to invest in a large building: you can start a hostel from a large apartment or your own villa. Small hostels with just a few beds can be profitable and can be an ideal way to get started. For a larger hostel, you can even rent and convert office space or similar. MAX Hostels can help you set up a hostel under our brand right from the start.

We can offer advice about:

  • Planning the hostel. This includes finding the right location and space to develop it. You also need to work out what facilities you are going to offer and how you plan to organise your hostel to provide these.
  • Staffing your hostel. Your staff are your main link with your customers, so you have to get this right.
  • Operating the hostel. In smaller hostels you can do most of the work yourself, but as it grows you will need help to keep it operating efficiently.

Hostels make good use of the space available, more so than hotels, and as a result they can be very profitable. They are cost effective to run and more profitable than an airbnb operation.

When it comes to experience, you don’t need to know about the hostel business, or have previously worked in a hotel. Here at MAX Hostels we can help you with everything you need to know right from the start. We can show you the best way to plan and equip your hostel to make sure you give the best service, based on the space you have available.

We can show you how to launch your hostel to make sure it gets noticed in the right places and we can help you find out how to sell your beds on various internet sites. And, of course, we´ll provide you with the day-today routines, and help you operate your hostel so that you make a good profit.

Any hostel owner can tell you that one of the best things about running a hostel is the guests. Meeting students and graduates from all over the world, who are travelling and exploring as much of the world as they can. Your hostel can give them a comfortable place to experience the atmosphere of your area and they can meet other guests to share their experiences with.

MAX Hostels are a chain, which means we can negotiate the best deals for everything you need to run your hostel. From marketing material to signs and computer systems and sales channels – we can pass on our discounts so you get the benefit for your hostel. We even offer some materials free when you join us as part of our team.

If you have a large apartment or a small villa and are looking to generate a healthy income from it, why not get in touch with MAX Hostels? Maybe you’re thinking bigger and are considering converting office space – no problem! Just contact us and we will help you every step of the way.

Just reply with the form below, and we will send you our guide, “10 Things to remember when launching a new hostel!” to give you some information to help you get started. If you decide to go ahead we’re happy to discuss how Max Hostels can help you further.